New Bodyscapes

swoop, ink on vellum 10x11 (2009)

Untitled, ink on vellum 11x 17 (2009)



Size. Scale. Scales. Fish. Big fish. Small pond. Small world. We Are The World.

We Are Wolves. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Discount bin. One size fits all. Size.

How and where do we fit? How can there be so many bodies?
Our physical bits are held in, contained by our bodies. Our bodies are contained by our environments. The boundaries of these are not so clear as the defined space inside our skin. The borders of our habitat are flexible, breakable even. We can choose to make the world our living room, and be a "global citizen". We can develop an intimate relationship with a space no bigger than our living room. We can do both. Neither.


sealegs, charcoal and conté on paper 11x16 (2009)

kneesea, charcoal and conté on vellum 11x17 (2009)

Went back into yupo, getting reacquainted with ink.
I photographed this piece before the ink set and dried...


and afterward...

Untitled, ink on yupo 20x26 (2009)


Now I'm saving up for more yupo, anxious to continue playing.