Living in Valencia, I've noticed a lot of empty, dilapidated , or torn-down buildings. Coupled with the local custom of siesta, where most shops close in the afternoon, it often feels like walking through a ghost town. Realizing that the deterioration of local architecture has a lot to do with the national economic crisis (unemployment in Spain is around 20%, and virtually no new housing is being constructed), the impressions that these ghost buildings have left on their neighbours are a sort of symbol of the crumbling economy.

Bringing the texture and discoloration of these "fossils" into a more stylized, graphic form, their power as symbols becomes more apparent. I feel that they are not just symbols of an economic downturn, but also of lives lived, romance, and potential. This aspect of romance or nostalgia has opened up a lot of room for fantasy, which I've pursued in a playful, illustrative treatment. And I'm still playing...



I haven't drawn a portrait in a very long time.. I chose Dan Winnick because he is a good friend of mine who passed away just under a month ago. I've seen many pictures of him surfacing on Facebook lately and I am reminded each time of what a wonderful man he was. I get the most upset when I realize that these images are the only ones we get to have.

Working on this drawing, I really looked at him- thinking of the moments we shared and also of the pain being felt by his family, friends, as well as myself.
I am pleased that his eyes seem to sparkle the way they used to..

Among many things, he was an artist- a carpenter. I remember spending hours with him at work talking about projects and processes. I really admired him for his dedication to his craft. He was always willing to talk me through any of my own creative problems. I wish he were here now, so we could bounce ideas back and forth.

As it turns out, he has been the only thing inspiring me to work lately: the only subject matter about which I am truly passionate. I'm still in the process of letting go, so it makes sense that making art about him makes me feel a little bit better, right after feeling a little bit worse.

I miss you Dan. I hope I do get to see you again someday.


O Valencia!

Setting up in the city..
Realizing how important language is.
Or rather speaking the language.

Courses started at the Universitat Politècnica de València this week.
Learning to learn to speak without words...



Work from last semester

Birch, mixed media on mulberry paper

Solo, mixed media on paper

Forest, ink and conté on paper

Women: Studies, installation, watercolour on Arches

Yellow, watercolour on Yupo

Red, watercolour on Yupo

Brown, watercolour on Yupo

Studio life drawing

Variations on a Pose, ink on watercolour paper

Montagnes, acrylic on acetate

Danse, acrylic on found tarp

Body, acrylic on acetate