I haven't drawn a portrait in a very long time.. I chose Dan Winnick because he is a good friend of mine who passed away just under a month ago. I've seen many pictures of him surfacing on Facebook lately and I am reminded each time of what a wonderful man he was. I get the most upset when I realize that these images are the only ones we get to have.

Working on this drawing, I really looked at him- thinking of the moments we shared and also of the pain being felt by his family, friends, as well as myself.
I am pleased that his eyes seem to sparkle the way they used to..

Among many things, he was an artist- a carpenter. I remember spending hours with him at work talking about projects and processes. I really admired him for his dedication to his craft. He was always willing to talk me through any of my own creative problems. I wish he were here now, so we could bounce ideas back and forth.

As it turns out, he has been the only thing inspiring me to work lately: the only subject matter about which I am truly passionate. I'm still in the process of letting go, so it makes sense that making art about him makes me feel a little bit better, right after feeling a little bit worse.

I miss you Dan. I hope I do get to see you again someday.

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